All through school your taught be nice to each other, how to share and most of all how to work together as a team. Sadly the world does not teach our children these most important skills, I wonder why.

I feel it is because we as parents have failed. We tell our child to be nice but then don’t bother to let the elderly go first through the door. We tell them to share but then when they ask for our time, tell them constantly to hold on. We tell them to help others, then frown at the woman in the grocery store as her child has a meltdown.

We have failed.

There is a saying it goes; do as I say not as I do. My mother often told me this and I hated it, she was the biggest hypocrite in my eyes. I realize we’re not all perfect. As I became a mother, I realize now the saying should be; do as I say and watch me try. We should teach our children how to treat others, especially if they don’t like the way someone else is. I heard someone say; “I can passionately disagree you but still care and respect you.”

What a world that would be!

Where someone could say, ” I don’t like your shirt, but here let me get the door for you.” I think our children’s mouths would hit the floor.

If you want your children, the world, the future, to be different then be different. We are the examples, leaders, teachers of our future generation. They will be taking care of us one day. I for one hope they don’t treat us then as we treat others today.